Saturday, June 5, 2010

One Year Anniversary

This year has FLOWN!!! Without a doubt... this has been the most amazing year of our lives! I had NO IDEA how great life could be with your best friend by your side. Since Tim had a 3-day weekend available... we decided to celebrate our "Almost One Year Anniversary!"

On Friday, May 28th, My little bubba graduated high school!! I can't believe it! Words cannot describe how proud I am of him.

On Saturday morning we woke up and headed to Fredericksburg! We walked around a shopped the stores and stopped for lunch at The Auslander Beirgarten and Restaurant. It was a German experience... but we don't think we'll ever eat it again!

After Fredericksburg, we headed out to San Antonio! We stayed at the Historic Menger Hotel. When we were checking in they told us that there was a slight problem with our room. We had reserved a king size bed and they said that all they had was "a bed slightly smaller than a queen." I said, "you mean a full?" Hahaha... slightly smaller than a queen would be a full, you fool! :) No pun intended! I through a small fit... and we ended up in the $700/night General William T. Sherman Suite... and no extra charge to us! :)

We ate dinner at the Tower of Americas and really enjoyed our really expensive dinner! It was beautiful up there... eating steak and lobster 800 feet above ground! The restaurant section of the tower rotates one full turn every hour, so we got to see the entire city of San Antonio during our meal!

The next day we slept late, enjoyed a traditional Mexican breakfast on the Riverwalk, did the Riverwalk boat tour, shopped the Rivercenter Mall, visited the Alamo, and then at dinner at Hard Rock Cafe.... on the Riverwalk, of course! :)

We headed home the next day and enjoyed every second of our ride home together! :) Happy Anniversary, Timothy!!! You are my life and my love!!!!

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